About us

Launched in 2017 in Tromsø, Norway, we are one of the world's northernmost fitness brands. Our exclusive brand was created to provide high quality fitness clothes to people all around the world.

Why "Vincere"?
Vincere is latin and means “to win”. While you can lose the fight, you should always aim to win the battle. That is our philosophy in a nutshell. 

Why fitness apparel?
We have trained for many years, and over the course of these years, we have tried pretty much every fitness apparel brand out there. Some of them tear in the seam when lifting heavy, others have odd sizing charts, and some even tear by hand. None of their products felt nor looked the way we wanted them to, so we decided to make our own gym wear. That way we could design clothes that look good, feel good and are functional in the gym. 

The products we sell go through extensive testing prior to being released to the public. We are (as you probably can tell) extremely picky when it comes to quality, so we frequently update our collection. 


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